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The Incident Commanders' Radio Interfaceェ provides an audio matrix interface between multiple commercial/military land mobile radios (LMR). It provides seamless interoperability between emergency services communications networks, including agencies two-way radios on different types and operating frequencies, and a land-line/ cellphone and/or satellite-based extensions to public or private networks.

IP Network Interoperability and Desktop Dispatch

offers a wide area, multiple agencies and flexible configuration to a complex interoperable environment. Dispatchers can arrange different form of talkgroup, interconnect or patching regardless of the type of radios and the mode of operations and operating frequencies.

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IP Telephony

The use of wireless phone enables users to roam within their premises as well as answering their phone calls in person. All locations can enjoy a prime number for customers calling. We use in-house LAN wiring to connect the IPPBX and phones. Up to 500 users across 16 IP Office sites.


VoIP Telephony

Our open source AastraLink Pro provides all the PBX/Keyline system standard features to a maximum of 25 users in each of the locations. Multiple system in different locations may form a cluster of network over internet.



Whether it is a terminal connected to a mobile radio in a vehicle or a wide area radio network involving microwave and/or repeaters, our experienced staff members render to our valued customers with a high level of satisfaction. Our experienced and well trained technicians install, maintain and service any radio related installations.