Business Development for Clean Technology

By: Rain City Strategies  09-12-2011

Rain City focuses much of our efforts in promoting the expansion, attraction and retention of businesses that develop products and technologies that provide environmentally sustainable solutions in British Columbia. Our team fully recognizes that clean technologies enable a more valuable use of natural resources and reduce ecological impacts to the region.

Our efforts include promoting, fostering, and coordinating strategic alliances and collaboration among local, regional, provincial, and federal governments and institutions.

Other products and services from Rain City Strategies


Social Venture Advancement

This boundary blurring has led to a new breed of social entrepreneurs creating for-profit organizations explicitly to serve social purposes. Reinvesting profits to further the mission of the social venture and the resulting community benefits are key beliefs of Rain City. We are developing a transferable model that we hope will help more community minded organizations build successful social ventures.


Aboriginal and Community Relations

Rain City has a strong history of leading the development, management and implementation of strategies, policies and programs to help First Nations address issues related to community development. Together we can accomplish great things that make positive impacts where we live and in the lives of everyone we share this planet with.


Power Predictor

It allows you to collect real life wind data from your site, produces customised power reports including annual energy generation estimates, and tells you how much money you could save by installing small wind. This data logging, cup anemometer measures both wind energy and sunshine at your site and comes with access to an online account where your data will be analysed, producing a power report.


Government Relations and Public Policy Research

Issues management involves creating and implementing effective strategies to overcome existing or potential challenges that could jeopardize even the best managed corporations and their business objectives. The most effective issues management involves continued monitoring of public policy activity, in order to anticipate critical shifts in government activities and react appropriately.



Many extend across industry lines, but most also require deep industry expertise to ensure the appropriate response for the precise problem or opportunity at hand. Rain City draws on over 10 years of experience, a dedicated team of advisors and a strong network of partners and associates to tailor our solution to your needs.