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By: Puratein  09-12-2011
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CLARISOY® is specifically designed to enable beverage manufacturers to meet the demand for great-tasting, nutritionally enhanced beverages targeted to the ever-growing number of health and wellness-minded consumers. Unique to any other proteins on the market, CLARISOY® is the only vegetable-based protein that offers clarity and complete protein nutrition for low pH beverage systems. 

CLARISOY® is 100% soluble and transparent in beverage applications with a pH below 4.0. CLARISOY® is perfect for sports nutrition beverages; citrus-based drinks; fruit-flavored beverages; lemonades; powdered beverage mixes; fruit juice blends and fortified waters.

Soy is a widely accepted, economical source of high quality vegetable protein, offering both nutritional value and recognized health benefits. In the past, beverage formulators looking to incorporate soy protein into their products were limited by the cloudiness introduced by the protein ingredients. CLARISOY® is a next generation soy protein offering all the benefits of soy protein incorporation but with minimal impact on the properties of the beverage to which it is added.

Application Clarisoy's Function

Sport nutrition beverages




Low Viscosity

Citrus-based drinks
Fruit-flavored beverages
Powdered beverage mixes
Fruit juice blends
Fortified waters

CLARISOY® offers clarity.
CLARISOY® offers complete protein nutrition.
CLARISOY® produces very low viscosity solutions.
CLARISOY® is heat stable.
CLARISOY® has no off flavours or off odours.
CLARISOY® has no characteristic “beany” taste of traditional soy.
CLARISOY® is a white powder and is nearly colorless in solution.

Burcon's CLARISOY® is under license to Archer Daniels Midland Company. For more information on CLARISOY® soy protein, please visit ADM Company's website.

Keywords: beverage, Nutrition, Protein, Soy Protein

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