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Mediation uses a neutral third-party, the Mediator, to facilitate a negotiation between the parties to a dispute. The Mediator is a conduit for information exchange when the parties have trouble getting their messages across. The Mediator never takes sides, does not judge particular viewpoints and does not impose any solutions. Discretion Assured The mediation process is completely private and confidential. Nobody needs to know what was discussed or agreed upon behind closed doors. Cost-Effective Problem Solving Because lawyers are used very sparingly (if at all) and because the parties normally share the cost of the mediation, mediation is probably the most cost-effective dispute resolution process available to families today. Consensual Solution-Building The parties control their own agreements and solutions. The Mediator is not a judge and never imposes decisions on anyone. Plus, mediation is not confined to issues that arise in a divorce situation – it can be used to solve almost any family dispute imaginable. Summary Overall, mediation is a simple and relatively inexpensive dispute resolution method which offers peace of mind to its participants and empowers them more than most other processes.

Keywords: child custody, conflict resolution, Dispute Resolution, Divorce Lawyer, family lawyers, family mediation, mediation, mediator

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