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By: Port 80 Solutions  09-12-2011

The lead programmers at Port 80 Solutions have almost two decades of experience in developing database-driven online applications. We deploy these web-based tools as an Application Service Provider solution.  Port 80 also provides access to its technologies as stand-alone versions and as integrated, web-based applications.With our Application Service Provider (ASP) option, we handle all aspects of the development and delivery of your customized programs. This includes customizing our existing products to suit your organization's specific requirements.

Software Development

  • We design, develop, implement, test, maintain, and support all of our custom software
  • We use .NET, C++, Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, Flash, Shockwave, JQuery and HTML to develop applications
  • We provide GUI design or can implement your designs

Database Development

  • We can create custom database applications to suit any of our clients needs
  • Applications developed in MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgress
  • Database optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first steps for getting a project started?

The setup and planning for your project depends on its complexity. For smaller projects (1-2 days of work) that tie in to our existing systems, we can quickly start prototyping, based on some basic requirements. For more complex systems, we will work with you to develop a detailed requirements list, which serves as a reference for capabilities the system must have.

Can the requirements change as the project is developed?

Yes, of course! We understand that the "vision" of the project can change as development is being done. We can work with you to quickly prototype your system and hone your application so it will be perfectly suited to your needs. Please note that changes to key functionality of the system further down the development path can lead to re-development of existing components, potentially resulting in a change to the system's cost.

What sort of payment schedule is required?

For small projects, payment is required upon project completion and delivery. For larger projects, we require 50% of the total cost up front.  The remaining payment can be made upon project delivery.

Do you make the client pay for bug fixes?

Port 80 Solutions is proud of its products and projects, but we understand that system bugs do occur. If a bug is found in any of our projects, we are happy to fix it for you as part of the cost of delivery.

Do you have a web-design team or do I need to create my own designs?
It is up to you which designer you want to use. Port 80 Solutions has teamed up with local web designers that can provide you with complete graphic designs for your project. You can choose to work directly with them, or with Port 80 Solutions as your intermediary. If you have an in-house design team, or a go-to designer, feel free to provide us with your designs, and we will implement them.Do you outsource your software development?
No.  Only in-house developers will be working on your project.  We may contract the services of local graphics designers to work on your application's look.

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