Construction Software Solutions - PlanSource

By: PlanSource  09-12-2011

Learn more about how PlanSource solutions can help you with the following key activities:

A secure, access controlled online repository of all your construction project documents significantly reduces the time and costs associated with distributing and tracking the large volume and variety of documents.

PlanSource's integrated online bid submission software is secure technology that streamlines the bidding process while reducing the risk of errors and non compliant bids.

A complete and secure online form is created and made available to prequalifiers. The instant the process is completed you receive a detailed report containing all the required information, schedules and attachments.

Users can easily view and work with plans and specs and Addenda online, download them, print them in their own offices or order copies to be printed and delivered to them. The integrated viewer enables onscreen takeoff and annotation.

Project News Reporters have an extensive set of tools to expedite data entry and opportunity tracking. Subscribers benefit from comprehensive search functionality, standardized periodic bulletins and automated notifications.

Completely organize and streamline the management, review and tracking of construction project submittals. Everyone can easily access documents to complete their review and know where others are in the process.

The system tracks and updates company information, contacts and the divisions or sections of work they perform or supply to you. Selecting the right companies and distributing Invitations can be done in a matter of minutes.

A complete online print ordering system that expedites the process of ordering paper copies. The selected documents, a work order and an automatically generated Transmittal are sent to the selected Reprographer.