Nose Revision: Non-Surgical Methods of Contouring the Nose

By: Physician Skincare Center  18-01-2013
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The nose is one of the most cosmetically-altered parts of the body. It is a very prominent part of the face so imperfections are easily visible to other people. This is also why people who feel that their noses can look a lot better and would be likely to sign up for nose revision procedures or rhinoplasty. As much as we tell ourselves that personality and character matters more than physical appearance, it cannot be denied that having unpleasant physical features will often impact one’s confidence and self-esteem.  

When one thinks of rhinoplasty, the words scalpel and metal plates would immediately come to mind. In the earlier years this is how nose revision surgeries would be carried out. Today, however, breakthroughs in technology and plastic surgery, it has become possible for people to go through nose revision without getting on the surgical table and literally be sliced open.

The non-invasive procedure is done by injecting facial fillers in strategic locations in the nose. Patients won’t have to be given anesthesia, nor will they be made unconscious before the procedure. This means they will know and see exactly how everything is done and get a better understanding on how the procedure will work. Patients don’t have to go to a hospital for this. An accredited skin centre will be well capable of administering this type of rhinoplasty.

Injecting fillers is also more effective in terms of achieving the desired shape for the nose because by principle, injecting fillers is less complicated and it is easier to manipulate the revision of the nose into the desired shape and appearance (unless of course if the goal is to reduce the size of the nose, in which case invasive plastic surgery is truly the only solution). What’s more, since there are no incisions the result is much more natural-looking. Patients will very soon see the effects after the injection has been administered, unlike with surgery wherein the outcome will only be evident after a long recovery period.

Perhaps the only downside of non-invasive nose revision is that its effects are only temporary. In time, the nose may revert back or gain most of its original form. There is a silver lining here though. Its temporariness also means that patients may be able to shift to much better options in the future, especially if there will be new breakthroughs.

Non-invasive nose revision is the best option as well for people who need to correct a rhinoplasty procedure gone wrong. It isn’t possible for a patient who has already gone under surgical rhinoplasty to go under the knife again so soon—or even later down the road. The first surgery would already weaken the nasal structure, and that makes it dangerous if a second operation will be done. The probability of the nose getting injured for worse is very high. So if there are minor flaws that must be corrected, like if there are bumps formed or if the tip of the nose is not so well done, injecting facial fillers would be a safer recourse.

Maxie Curtis writes about skin care treatments, non surgery and medical spa for Physician Skincare Center, a premier skin care center located in North Vancouver, BC. For more information on how to beautify your skin please visit

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Maxie Curtis writes about skin care treatments, non surgery and medical spa for Physician Skincare Center, a premier skin care center located in North Vancouver, BC. For more information on how to beautify your skin please visit


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