ADR - ADR Protect - Personal Protection Device

By: pHpure  09-12-2011
Keywords: cell phone, personal protection

Description of ADR - ADR Protect - Personal Protection Device

The ADR (EMF) Protector


Laptops, watches, ipods any battery operated or household 
electrical device.


The ADR Protect Energy Stimulator is a highly specialized personal protecting device that increases human immunity against harmful electro-magenetic devices and radiation sources

Because of its size it is easily affixed to ALL types of cell phones with great results!.

The ADR-Protect invented by Adrian Wosinski of Poland and winner of several prestigious awards has been sold around the world for over ten years.



 energy stimulator is a device used for the reduction of the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body. The 


does not lower the level of radiation and does not interfere with the functioning of cell phones, computers or other electronic devices.



 energy stimulator works by equalizing the level of energy in all acupuncture channels (meridians), thereby restoring the energetic balance necessary to maintain cellular homeostasis or balance which is experienced systemically.

The ADR-Protect will give a real benefit to those who spend any time using cell phones, portable music devices, computers, video games and anything else electronic where the user is exposed to electrical and magnetic fields. Users have reported a decrease in symptoms of electronic fatigue.

Furthermore, people with EMF sensitivities have reported a decrease in symptoms associated with EMF due to the 


 harmonizing action on the bio-field of the body.

Recent studies show that EMF and microwave radiation has a negative impact on total wellness and devices such as cell phones, computers, TV's, and wireless especially in close proximity to the body have been implicated in sleep disorders, headaches, confusion, blood disorders, deterioration of eyesight, brain cell damage, cognitive deterioration, acceleration of Cancer scenarios, irritability, anger and overall fatigue. These biological changes develop slowly over time and may take several years to manifest, although people with EMF sensitivity may experience symptoms right away.

To use the ADR-Protect, remove the backing and affix the ADR-Protectto any electronic device such as a cell phone, CPU, monitor, mouse, wireless, laptop, TV.

The ADR-Protect may also be worn and it may be affixed to the back of a watch, Pendant, locket or placed in a wallet or purse. This way you get the benefit provided by the ADR_Protect wherever you are.

Keywords: cell phone, personal protection

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