Vacuum forming and Oven

By: Peregrine Plastics  24-05-2011
Keywords: Plastic, Vacuum, Polycarbonate


I just wanted to inform you that we have installed our new Vacuum Forming Machine and Forming Oven in order to offer you an added service in producing additional products for your plastic needs.

If you are looking for quotes on either small or large items for formed products, as well as drape formed items, our Oven will do full sized sheets up to 8 ft  x 11 ft.

And if you require small or large volume runs, our Vacuum Forming equipment can fill that need. This machine will produce unlimited amounts of items!

For more assistance in these areas, along with our Custom Fabrication, please feel free to contact us and I would be happy to meet with you.

Or, simply email or fax your drawings if it is easier.

You can also check out our website to see the full scope of our company as well!

We look forward discussing any of your future needs and working with you on any new or existing projects.

                                                                      Vacuum Forming Taxi Light                                                                                                                         



                                                                  Forming of Boat windshield & Acrylic Dome


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                                                                     Vacuum Forming, Drape Forming,  Blowing Domes


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