Detecting Cancer at its Earliest Stages

By: Perceptronix  09-12-2011

The Quantitative DNA Staining Kit is designed to provide repeatable and reliable Feulgen reaction stoichiometric DNA staining for absorbance microscopy in a simple, safe and convenient format. This easy to use and environmentally friendly kit represents an evolution in quantitative staining methodology.

The kit consists of pre-weighted reagents in solid form packed in glass vials, and manual with the description of Perceptronix proprietary Feulgen staining protocol. The product contains reagents for staining of up to 200 microscope slides in two batches. It is intended to be used in combination with digital imaging devices designed to measure DNA content and nuclear morphology from slide-based preparations.

The Clear2C™ kit has FDA listing, Health Canada and European CE Mark approvals.

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PMI Labs, Vancouver, British Columbia - cervix

Potentially all positive cases could be scanned to triage which women should be sent for immediate follow up and which ones can wait (e.g., positive HPV and positive DNA index – immediate follow up, positive HPV and negative DNA can wait since HPV will most likely resolve.


PMI Labs, Vancouver, British Columbia - clearcyte

The system is very user friendly, easy to maintain and offers a high throughput capacity due to a fully automated scanning process. The ClearCyte™ system is an automated image cytometer that enables analysis of DNA content in slide-based cytology specimens. Intelligent sorting capabilities – excellent automated discrimination of isolated, measurable cell nuclei. Precision measurements with a precision DNA staining protocol.