Peak Networks Business Solutions, WAN application traffic optimization for small, medium and enterprise solutions and education

By: Peak Networks  09-12-2011
Keywords: WAN, Terminal Server, Distributed Computing

SMB Enterprise Solutions
WAN Application Traffic Optimization and Branch Office Solutions

Tired of paying for Bandwidth upgrades every time you deploy a new Application? Are the costs of supporting your Branch office Servers exceeding your budgets? Managing Enterprise Application Performance via Visibility and Controls and WAN optimization is the answer to controlling these costs.

The Visibility by branch, subnet, host and Application provides the knowledge to make Business decisions to have your WAN and your Business Applications perform as intended.

VoIP, Video, Oracle, SAP, Sage, ERP, CRM or Terminal Server and Citrix Server Based or Distributed Computing Applications can all benefit from Solutions that reduce traffic volumes and protect the investment made in the Business Infrastructure.

Dynamically allocating bandwidth by Application, controlling rogue traffic and Peer to Peer ensuring Mission critical traffic the bandwidth they need is our focus.

With Solutions from 4Mbps to 80 Gbps throughput, four times the capacity of the closest competitor and over a thousand applications auto-discovered, we can scale and manage the Networks of today. With a fully integrated advanced chassis, this is a true Tier-1 state-of-the-art deep packet inspection (DPI) solution that enables and protects the investment in Network resources and User Defined Service Level Agreements.

Real time Application views, Filtering, Traffic Shaping, Statistics and Web Statistics, we can provide the Visibility as well as managing multiple network requirements.

Maintaining a balance between users and business-critical applications, allowing freedom and preserving bandwidth costs is our focus. This is the next-generation technology that provides deeper Visibility and Control over network traffic than ever before.

Keywords: Computing Applications, Distributed Computing, Enterprise Application Performance, Terminal Server, WAN, Wan Optimization,