Perimeter Security «

By: Pacific Integration Multimedia  09-12-2011

Perimeter Security «

Imagine knowing the instant someone tries to gain access to your secured area. With breakthrough cabling technology, we can do just that, – before an intruder even enters the premises.

Fence line Security System

  • Intelli-FLEX tm cabling is a microphonic cable that “listens” to vibrations 24/7, and would be added to your existing perimeter fence. When an intruder attempts to cut, climb on, or move the fence, it detects the movement and notifies the controller instantly.
  • Security siren and strobe light are triggered immediately to alert the intruder their presence is known.
  • A voice dialer can be configured to phone you or your alarm monitoring station, and inform them of the security breach the moment it happens.
  • The Intelli-FLEX system is a highly effective, low cost, low maintenance, inexpensive alternative to perimeter security personnel or cameras that may only monitor one small area at a time.
  • Timed openings can also disable the system within a certain time frame, if the site is in use during specific hours.
  • Custom capabilities also allow us to make your system unique, and allow for your input on how you want to use the system.

With so many ways to enhance your business, the possibilities are endless.

You can rest easy knowing that you’re always connected to your home or business.

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