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Research + Drafting Services « OnPoint Legal Research — Research Lawyers Helping Lawyers


Our clients save time by having us appear as agents on a variety of applications. When required, we can travel to remote courthouses.

Appellate Work

We research and analyze issues on appeal and draft portions of or entire facta. Our clients decide how much of a role they would like us to play in the preparation of an appeal.


We relieve our clients of their demanding workload by assisting them with papers for publication or presentation. We will draft the entire article or complete only the research, according to our clients’ needs.

Background Research

To ensure that our clients know what they will be facing in an upcoming trial, we compile information on parties, judges, expert witnesses and corporations.

Citations and Summaries of Cases

OnPoint prepares annotated lists of cases on any issue. Our clients then construct the argument from the authorities that we provide.

Cost-Shared Research

Often several lawyers require the same research of similar issues. OnPoint provides research projects at a reduced cost when law firms collaborate on their research needs.

Damages Assessment

See below under “Quantum Assessments”

Discounted Research

Our rates are reduced for clients who use us on a sufficiently regular basis. Contact us for more information.

Expert Witness Locating

Hunting down an appropriate expert witness can be time consuming. We are able to save our clients hours of detective legwork by locating and interviewing experts in any field.

Expert Witness Research

We determine if an expert has testified in other cases and conduct research to locate the witness’s published works.


See above under “Appellate Work”

Factual Research

We investigate more than the law. We provide background research on technical, business, and medical issues.

Foreign Legislation

Our clients often require both current and historic legislation from other jurisdictions. We can hunt down any legislation whether it is from Florida or Zimbabwe.

Government Work

We have been asked to complete projects ranging from an analysis of the common law to assist with the construction of proposed legislation, to an investigation into whether or not regulations are being followed properly.

In-House Questions

Corporate legal departments retain us to answer questions that are frequently posed by their employees.

Legal Publishing Support

OnPoint conducts research for Canada’’s largest and most established legal publishers, meeting publication deadlines and stylistic requirements.

Medical Research

We provide background factual research on injuries, specific body parts, syndromes, and any other medically related issue. Results are summarized in a memorandum or, if our clients prefer, we will provide only the articles for their review and analysis.


This is our most popular service. We research and draft either an objective or subjective analysis of any legal issue. We provide our work in a standard format to ensure that our clients know what to expect from the finished product.


We locate key cases to support a position and facilitate a settlement. We can provide only the cases or cases with an analysis.

Pleadings Retrieval

We research and retrieve from the courthouse registry pleadings that are factually similar to a client’s file. Our clients find these pleadings to be of great assistance in drafting their own claims.

Quantum Assessments

Our lawyers complete quantum assessments for simple or complex injuries. We also provide factually relevant cases to assist with a loss of capacity claim.

U.S. Research

Our lawyers are adept at locating and analyzing the sources of U.S. law that are available to us in Canada. For research that requires access to additional sources or that would be more appropriately completed by an American attorney, we are allied with a well-established U.S. legal research firm. We are happy to put our clients in touch with their experienced research lawyers.

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