RIM Score

By: Omnirim  09-12-2011
Keywords: Records Management, Archive Systems

At Archive Systems, we developed the RIM Score™, which allows you to measure how your overall Records Management program is doing with just one number. It accumulates a number of different measures into one and compares you against your peers in the Archive Systems ecosystem.

The RIM Score is computed by measuring three key components of a company’s records management program: Policy Compliance, Green Analysis and Economic Analysis and accumulating them into one measure. We also look at a variety of practices and initiatives within each variable to rate your effectiveness and help you identify any potential gaps.

Each day an organization is reevaluated in these areas and then compared to its peers, making the score a dynamic, living metric. These are then presented as one score to the Records Management professional, giving them a Key Performance Indicator they can track over time. The score is backed by a breakdown of the core areas so the Records Management professionals can clearly see areas that can be improved. When you partner with Archive Systems we encourage positive behavior when managing your collection towards industry standards and best practices.

Keywords: Archive Systems, Records Management,

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