By: Oh Boy  09-12-2011
Keywords: Video Production, Animation, high definition

Vancouver Video Production - Web Based Video, Streaming Video, Video Editing, High Def, High Definition, HD, DVD and CD duplication, TV Commercials, Corporate Video, Training Video

Oh Boy Productions is a full service video production house. Our services include everything from concept to delivery on any format from the Internet to High Definition.

Software: Adobe Video Collection / 2D / 3D Compositing, Apple Final Cut Pro
Real-time Editing and Effects
- 720x480 NTSC DV/DV Cam, 4/3 or 16/9 16/9 Progressive
- Advanced color correction
- Enhanced audio editing
- Real-time Text effects

Once upon a time, animation existed only in blockbuster movies. Now it’s everywhere, including in your video.Animation brings life, color and excitement to any video or website. Oh Boy Productions animators conceive and bring to life unique logos, products or characters. We are equipped with the same industrial strength animation programs that are widely used in the television and movie industry. Animation is a powerful selling tool, easily incorporated into your video and it’s cost effective. Let us show you how it can work for you.

Video plays a powerful and important role in web design. Without it, your website resides in Web 1.0.Your image on the internet is the first impression potential clients get about you. It’s more important than phonebook advertising. You need an experienced design firm that can be a single point of contact for web designs, statistics, promotion and maintenance. From simple single page designs that provide contact information to sophisticated and creative designs that further enhance your companies message we make sure your first impression is a great one.

Oh Boy Productions provides a range of professional and broadcast voice talents for any project including TV commercials, Corporate videos, Flash movies, Documentaries, and Training videos.

Our photos speak for themselves.

We combine the very best equipment with talented, experienced personnel to give the highest quality video production that surpasses any expectations. The company has state-of-the-art equipment reinforced by a skilful and experienced staff. Projects are shot on high-end cameras such as the Sony HDXD Camera, (we have two) or on Broadcast Quality DVCAM (we have two of those too). All of our equipment like jibs, tripods, lights and sound equipment are Broadcast quality. This is an important difference because higher quality equipment produces higher quality pictures.

We can duplicate from just about any format such as:
Blu-Ray Disc, HD Tape, BETACAM SP, DVC PRO, DV CAM, DV, Mini DV, Hi8, SVHS, 3/4, VHS, DVD
DV CAM, DV, Mini DV, Hi8, SVHS, 3/4, VHS, DVDWe are constantly adding more equipment to meet customer demands with new video formats and deadlines. Huge orders, No problem!.. We handle dubs by the thousands and our staff will work around the clock to meet any deadline.

We can compress videos for the web and for computer use to the following format: Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime, H.264, Mpeg, FLV and SWF and others..

Keywords: Animation, high definition, training video, Video Production