Products That Defend Against Online Criminal Threats Such as Crimeware & Phishing

By: Nexussec Security  09-12-2011

For years cybercrime has continued to evolve into a criminal enterprise. Corporations can no longer sit by and allow these attacks to occur. One single data breach can cost millions in legal fee's and recovery. Take the fight to the criminal's and impliement a proactive defense solution from Nexussec.

Millions of login and password credentials are stolen each day by Criminals that use Crimeware key stroke loggers. These credentials are logged and stored in large data warehouse servers until they are sold in the Internet Criminal underground. Criminals then use these harvested credentials to drain victim bank accounts. The proccess then repeats itself.

Take a proactive approach to Fraud. Reduce the negative customer experience of being a victim of online Crimeware and phihsing.

Our product help you protect against Crimware, Phishing and hacking. Our intelligence service keeps you updated 24/7 against threats that may effect your bottom line.

Our incident response team are proud founders of the North American Crimeware Training Alliance and offers the following services.

  • Malware Identification & Analysis
  • Incident Reponse & Computer Forensics
  • Anti-Fraud Monitoring & Malware solutions

• EnCase© Computer Forensic Level I
• EnCase© Computer Forensic Level II
• Access Data Certified Examiner, ACE (FTK)

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Our services focus on reducing financial institutions’ fraud losses in the online world, while incurring minimal impact on customer experience, and minimizing IT investment by outsourcing the various technologies and resource-intensive solutions for combating financial fraud. The Nexussec product line shares and leverages the same core technology consisting of Nexussec Crimeware solutions and the company’s Intelligence Netowork.