By: Naomi Minwalla  09-12-2011

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Before starting anything, you may first wish to have a personal, one-hour legal consultation.  At your consultation, I will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  Consultations are important because they are a low-cost way to help you make a preliminary decision on whether and how you should proceed with your case.  Typical questions that clients ask during a consultation include:What, if any, legal options do I have?
What are the issues, strengths, weaknesses and risks in my case?
What is my likelihood of success?
Approximately how much will my case cost?
Is it worth proceeding with this case at all?Sometimes, the best legal advice that you'll receive during a consultation is notto proceed with anything.  For instance, you may be advised that you have no realistic legal options, that your case is highly unlikely to succeed, or that it will simply end up being a waste of time and money to proceed with anything.  If you wish to arrange a consultation, I will also review information that you send to me in advance so that I can carefully consider all relevant information before advising you. Consultations can be in person or by telephone.  No matter how far away you are, a long-distance consultation is always possible.  One-Hour Consultation Fee:                  ·$230 (CDN) including taxes

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