By: Mytelco  09-12-2011

TSG's Services are two fold: To a client , TSG provides a consulting service, which includes defining telecommunication requirements and researching appropriate solutions to find the optimal fit between a client's needs and available Telco products. Once these steps are taken, TSG sends out a tender to major providers to prepare a set of comparative quotations for the client.To a provider, TSG is effectively a broker. TSG enters into strategic alliances with major Telco providers and gives them the opportunity to submit tenders for TSG's projects. Once the winning tender is identified TSG also coordinates the implementation between the client and the provider to facilitate the process for both parties.
Local services include long distance, local lines, calling card, conferencing, digital trunks and PRI
Security services include all network security applications
Data services include Private lines, Frame Relay, VPN, IPVPN and any other private networks
Internet services includes all types of access to the Internet (DSL, Cable, T1) Web hosting and Co-Location