Dolores Cannon UFO Conference Presenations

By: Mothership Productions  09-12-2011

This is the complete series of presentations by Dolores Cannon given at the Laughlin International UFO Congress

Disc 1: Investigation Prohecy

Is there a wealth of knowledge forever lost in the past? Dolores Cannon, a regressionist and psychic researcher, has made it her mission to find and catalog important knowledge from a world long vanished. Cannon, through past life regression, has learned the secrets of Nostradamus' prophecies. In this exciting video she explores these predictions and her current UFO abduction research.

Disc 2: The Custodians

Dolores addresses the Ancient Astronaut Theory of seeding of the planet Earth by ETs. The different types of aliens and their spacecraft. Their method of travel, by going between dimensions rather than to distant planets. Missing time, condensed or distorted time, purposes and locations of implants, etc.

Disc 3: The Convoluted Universe Book One

Parallel dimensions and parallel realities, the building of the Pyramids, Life and science and destruction of Atlantis, Simultaneous time, Splintering of soul parts, Life as pure energy and life as a machine, Return to the God source, and much more.

Disc 4: The Convoluted Universe Book Two

From her new book Dolores discusses; Hidden Underground Cities, Energy and Creator Beings, Time Portals for Traveling Between Dimensions, Raising of the Vibrations and Frequencies to Shift into the New Earth, Characteristics of the New Earth, PLUS: New Information about Healings from ETs

Disc 5: Moving Into A New Earth

Dolores is experiencing an evolution in her work as a hypnotherapist. Her clients are no longer experiencing regressions into past lives. They are returning to the Source (God) to explain why they are living here in the world now. They are also supplying more detailed information about the shift in vibrations and frequencies as we move into the New Earth.

Disc 6: The Convoluted Universe Book Three

Who will make the transition into the new world, and who will be "left behind"? What are the effects being experienced by the human body as it makes the adjustment? Will we take our physical bodies with us? Dolores will explore these questions and new information from her latest book, Convoluted Universe, Book Three.

Disc 7: The Convoluted Universe Book Four

Dolores has recently discovered three waves of people, volunteers, who have come to Earth in the last 50 years. Many are coming from other planets and all of them seem to have a different purpose and are not consciously aware of the missions they signed up for.

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