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By: Monexa  09-12-2011

In Monexa we found a billing solution that granted the flexibility to take an existing product, suited to enterprise level business and adjust it for use among a smaller business demographic. Monexa allowed us the ability to scale down the need for extensive sales driven transactions and activity to deliver the product to small businesses on an appropriate scale.Their implementation team has consistently been patient, polite, flexible, and quick to respond. They implemented all requested features and fixes promptly, and showed dedication and concern for our goals -- worthy of the finest customer support”

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Hi Monexa folks, I just wanted to say, it has been great working with Monexa over the past year, considering that Monexa was a wild card entry that I happened to come across at the last minute while Untangle was evaluating billing providers - I personally think that Untangle picked the best vendor for the job.


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This generally involves going beyond simple recurring fee structures to managing strategic bundling, feature addons, upgrades and downgrades, usage billing and calculating overages. Turn Metered Data into Billable Line Items: Monexa Billing takes in your metered data and applies it to your service price scales to generate accurate line item billing each period.


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If you fall in to any of these categories, it is rather important that your billing system can easily allow you to add resellers without changing the billing for your current operations. Process payments directly to reseller merchant accounts or into your merchant accounts for commission settling at a later date. Many subscription companies have, plan to have or simply want the flexibility to add a reseller strategy in the future.