By: MINISIS  09-12-2011
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MINISIS Inc. strives to provide straightforward and affordable software solutions to the world.

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to solidify our presence in the global marketplace as the accessible, cost-effective information managements solutions provider. Through our extensive experience, skills and the power of the MINISIS Suite, we will honor our commitment to client relationships and effectively provide rapid application development tools ensuring the dynamic growth of MINISIS. We will deliver these products and applications with integrity, equality and professionalism. It is understood that our clients are our livelihood and it is our job to ensure we implement 'Appropriate Technologyâ„¢' according to their budgets, level of expertise and ease of long term growth and maintenance."

Equality Principle

MINISIS Inc is an equal opportunity employer and believes in full equality - regardless of gender, race, physical ability, religion or any related issues therein. Our goal is to establish and maintain a safe, cooperative, energetic and diverse office environment, where all staff members are equal and able to express their individuality in a professional and non-obtrusive nor intimidating manner. With open minds, attitudes and a constructive nature, we create an atmosphere of equality, respect, tolerance and creativity from all backgrounds. We reflect Canada's multicultural landscape and we believe in the strength of diversity.

MINISIS Inc. - the company, the people and the history.

MINISIS Inc. is an accumulation of several entities joining forces to create a unique, ethically responsible and solid alternative to those in need of Information Technology (IT) products and services. The goal is to ensure organizations have a choice with respect to database management tools, web tools and pre-defined applications to effectively manage everything from simple and large text based data to state of the art multimedia files. Our ultimate goal is to create a pleasant and challenging work environment for our staff to guarantee happy and productive employee resources. This philosophy allows us to deliver creative software solutions to our clients in a cost-effective and timely manner. Through our headquarters, regional and now virtual offices, we are able to make the most of IT to assist our clients here and abroad.

MINISIS was a DBMS that was created by the International Development Research Centre in the early 1970s. The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is a public corporation created by the Canadian Parliament and governed by an international Board of Governors. Through funding of research projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, the IDRC assists communities in the developing world find solutions to social, economic and environmental problems. In 1976, in keeping with the IDRC mandate, the MINISIS Systems Group was established to develop a software to maintain information networks through the management of text based information, in turn, facilitating the global sharing of knowledge. The three principal understandings of the software in its conception were:

  • to develop a complete information management tool and solution
  • to be utilized and programmed by non-technical staff
  • to be multi-platform and multilingual to facilitate the global sharing and knowledge and information

Fully commercialized some 20 years later, the MINISIS Inc. organization was created taking over the MINISIS software. Also, MINISIS Inc. many of the MINISIS personnel have extensive Management Consulting experience from both Change Management, BPR (Business Process Reengineering) and IM/IT perspectives. With this addition expertise, MINISIS Inc. is able to offer a wider range of products and services to enable our current and future clients to implement "appropriate technological" solutions. With the MINISIS Suite of Products, complete with solid management consulting and application development wings, MINISIS Inc. is comfortably poised to be one of the world's leading alternative IT solutions.

The Company

MINISIS Inc. is a private company, separate and fully owned entity that now possesses the complete MINISIS line of products and services. As part of the next generation of MINISIS software, we are ensuring the software continues to develop and serve a wider audience. This audience includes developed and developing countries, private, government and NGO/Educational institutions. In addition, with the acquisition of the management consulting firm as previously mentioned, more expertise with BPR, change management, Application Analysis and design and expertise with the complete System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), will be available. This approach enables MINISIS offer a total solution. We can perform the upfront strategic planning services to determining requirements, JADS, analysis to application development, training to documentation services along with the core products. MINISIS Inc. is a Canadian incorporated company with offices in Vancouver (British Columbia), Valencia (Spain), and Tunis (Tunisia). MINISIS Inc. has an accumulated life span since 1975 and is continually growing and expanding world-wide. MINISIS Inc. is a profitable small-medium software house that possesses professional liability and general indemnity coverage and adheres to employment equity and equal opportunity legislative policies. We support social, cultural and ethnic diversity in a framework of not only tolerance but acceptance. It is the belief of MINISIS Inc. that clients care about the ethical decisions their suppliers engage. To that end, MINISIS Inc. doors are always open to any client to attest to accessibility and integrity. MINISIS Inc. is not just another software developer, it is "Technology with heart and understanding".

Cooperative, caring Initiatives..we are different from other IT firms.

MINISIS Inc prides itself on the previously mentioned notion of "technology with heart" and our belief in "appropriate technology". To that end, MINISIS Inc discounts its software significantly for the developing countries of the world to ensure accessibility to everyone. This accessibility factor ensures that those with less resources are still able to have a modern and contemporary solution. That is, they are not merely provided an old version or DOS version for instance. Providing older version for free, as some of our competitors do, does not ensure accessibility. Therefore, MINISIS Inc believes that regardless of fiscal resources, we will work along side and in partnership with any organization to ensure that the "have nots" will possess the same opportunities as the "haves" in our world community.

As you can see, we are a different breed of organization. Our staff and management believe that technology is a vital solution for any organization to survive and flourish. Therefore, our clients and prospective clients can feel comfortable doing business with a corporation that cares about everyone, and not just the profit margins.

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