medVoxel Systems

By: Medvoxel  09-12-2011

MedVoxel is committed to provider superior customer support. Your feedback is important to us.

Service Support Contacts

Business hour: 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific time, Monday - Friday
Address: 7363-515 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada V6B 5K3
Phone: 1-778-782-7759/1-778-960-5401

Office Computer System Requirement

  • Recommended Monitor Size: 24"+
  • Recommended Monitor Resolutions: 1920 x 1200
  • Computers with internet access

Supported Browsers

Firefox v2.x, v3.x (recommended)Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix
Opera 9.6 (recommended)Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix
IE 6, 7Windows
SafariWindows, Mac OS X
Safari (recommended)Apple iPhone

Browser Plug-in Required