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By: Mdf Wellness  09-12-2011
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MDFWellness strives to provide individualized programming to meet the needs of our clients. The Health & Fitness Consultation Division specializes in physical activity interventions designed to promote and maintain regular physical activity participation throughout life. Each of the following services may be used on their own or in combination to fuel positive change.

Health-related physical fitness assessments & Counselling

Empirical, Professional, Standardized and Loaded with Education and Motivation!

Providing increased access to health-screening and counselling is essential to combat the health care burden which arises from physical inactivity, obesity, and the increasing variety of chronic hypokinetic disease states associated with sedentary behaviour.

Do you remember your last physical with your doctor? What did you learn about your body and the crucial steps required to improve your health and wellbeing in the 5-10 minutes you spent with them? Were you motivated to take action when leaving the office? If you are unsure about the answers to the questions above, you and the MDFWellness Team will get along very well!

Our team is made up of physical activity and healthy living experts who’s mandate is to provide you with the essentials to prepare, initiate, and maintain long lasting positive health behavior changes. We take pride in spending ample time with our clients while creating an empathetic, educational, and motivational environment tailored to our clients needs.

Our health-related physical fitness assessments and counseling sessions are a great way to spend time with a team of motivated health and fitness professionals while learning about how your body functions, your current health status, and the essential actions required to move your health in a continuous positive direction!

For our larger corporate clients the best part is, we will come to you! That’s correct! Don’t worry about crazy schedules or transiting across the city before, during, or after your work day. Our professional team will set up shop in your workplace for the days of testing and bring along a culture of health and wellness which is exceptionally contagious.

1 on 1 Physical Activity Counseling: Packed with Education and Motivation

One-on-one counseling with a CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist ® (CSEP-CEP; the most highly qualified physical activity and health specialist designation in Canada)!

Using a variety of motivational tools and techniques our counseling sessions follow a motivational interviewing approach which is one of the most efficacious methods out there! We will work with you to help you develop a psychological commitment to the behavior change of interest and we will foster long lasting change by providing you with a variety of resources and creative advice.

Advice will be individually tailored to each participant considering their current health knowledge and literacy levels, current health status and healthy living behaviors, existing chronic conditions, current fitness level, barriers to exercise, and very importantly physical activity preferences. In addition, participants will be provided with creative techniques for taking advantage of opportunities to move their bodies to expend energy throughout the day at work and through their activities of daily living (e.g. taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator, utilizing active transportation, busting out biceps curls with the groceries, and promoting active and in formalized meetings like the “walk and talk”).

Remember: Every Step Counts! Move your Body, Move your Life!

Group Health & Fitness Workshops

Workshops are a great as well as time efficient way to foster continuous education and motivation towards healthy and active living. They can be used on their own as the primary aspect of your organizations wellness intervention or as an exceptional complement to any wellness program.

MDF Wellness provides a variety of workshops and we will work with your organization to individually tailor the workshops to the needs and interests of your group.

Some of our most popular topics are:

  • The importance of and benefits of regular physical activity participation
  • Bring Your Goals to Life!TM : Motivation and SMART Goal Setting
  • Physical Activity and its Role Chronic Disease Prevention as well as Management
  • Stress! What is it? How does it affect our physiology? How do we manage and rid it from our lives?
  • Ergonomics, the Workplace and More!

1 on 1 Physical Training Sessions

Take it to the next level with a Qualified Exercise Professional before, during, or after your workday. These sessions are designed to give you the essential ammunition of exercises and behavioral change strategies to achieve your goals. Your first session will always include a health-related physical fitness appraisal and counseling session to set the required specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and time oriented (SMART) goals. These goals will guide the training and future thought processes from Day 1. Our goal is to provide you with the knowhow and confidence to achieve positive and sustainable changes to your physical activity participation, on your own, regardless of your age, gender, or current health status.

Group Physical Training Sessions & Initiatives

For groups and organizations looking to create a culture of health & wellness geared towards improving employee morale, productivity, socialization and positive experiences between team member’s, group physical training sessions are a fantastic vehicle. They are cost efficient and provide a convenient and continuous avenue for employees to keep active, reduce chronic disease risk factors, increase performance and stay positive!

Here are a just a few of the popular options that  can be individually designed for your organization by MDF Wellness and affiliates:

  • 8-12 Week Fitness Challenges
  • Office Boot Camps
  • Stairway to Health
  • Working out 101
  • Boxfit
  • Women on Weights
  • Osteofit
  • Power Walk Lunch Hour
  • Individualized Cross Fitness Training
  • Functional Fitness Training
  • Yoga

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