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By: Masterplan Productions  09-12-2011

“The biggest & best in music from the world's largest cd subscription service!”

Imagine.. You are a DJ. You have all your equipment and the only thing left to buy is music. Where do you go? What can you buy? How much do you spend?

Available Series (12 issues a year, unless otherwise noted)

Mainstream Radio (MSR)
Urban Radio (UR)
Hitz Radio (HR)
Mainstream Club (MSC)
Modern Rock Radio (MRR)
Country Radio (CR)
Rhythm Radio (RR)
Tropical Latin (TL)
Pop Latin (PL)
Regional Latin (RL)
Caribbean Series (CS)
Contemporary Christian (CC)

 ** Chart Radio (CHR) - 2x discs/month = 24 discs/year

** UK Underground Beats (UKUB) – 2x discs/month = 24 discs/year

** UK Club Beats (UKCB) – 2x discs/month = 24 discs/year

Price Listing:

Current CD Subscriptions

12 month subscription: $ 185.00 + taxes (12 cd's/year)

12 month subscription 2x formats: $ 180.00 + taxes

12 month subscription 3 formats: $ 175.00 + taxes

6 month subscription: $ 100.00 + taxes (6 cd's)

Back issue cd's: (within 6 months): $18.00/ea + taxes

Back issue cd's (6 months+): $7.00/ea + taxes

Single Issue UK Series: $38.00/ea + taxes

 * 12 month subscription Chart Radio (24 discs): $295 (including taxes & shipping)

** 12 month subscription – UK Club Beats (Import Techno/Trance): $395.00 + taxes

** 12 month subscription – UK Underground Beats (Import underground House): $395.00 + taxes

Shipping is an additional $20.00 yearly or $25.00+ on multiple CD subscriptions for all mail orders.

All Back Issue CDs are subject to availability.

Essential Series & Specialty Releases

Radio Essentials Set: No Longer Available

Essential Series Update: No Longer Available

DVD Subscriptions

DVD is now available in Canada! No more videos! Experience the ultimate in digital sound quality and access speed. Get ready to turn your new video show into what you've always wanted.

DVD Monthly Formats

Hot Video (HV)

Latin Video (LV)

DVD Pricing

6 Month subscription: $ 269.00 + taxes

12 month subscription: $ 469.00 + taxes

Back Issue DVDs (within 6 months): $ 49.00 + taxes

Back Issue DVDs (older than 6 months): $35.00 + taxes

All Time Party Classics Video (ATP): $ 59.00 + taxes

Hot Video Classics (HVC): $59.00/ea + taxes

Hot Video Classics Collection (HVCC) – 22 discs!! - $999.00 + taxes

Christmas (CHV): $ 39.00 + taxes

Ambient Video (AV) – 5 issues available: $39.00/ea + taxes

 Also Available

Latin Videos, Oldies Videos, Novelty CDs, individual CDs / DVDs.
Xmas music, background music, etc, back issue discs, CD Storage (sleeves, books, cases, etc.)
Call for pricing & availability.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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