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By: Mastermoves  09-12-2011

For over 30 years I had the joy and gratification of personally studying, working and training with amazing people. Also, as a fitness trainer, I have personally helped thousands of people in the practice of Core Training.

My goal is to share with you a number of techniques that I have found useful in the development of lean, strong and beautiful body.

Whether your goal is permanent weight loss, muscle toning, strength building or enhanced physical performance, the Mastermoves Core Training system provides you with all the information and tools necessary to that; all that remains is for you to apply them. So, set your goals high and your mind and body will mobilize all forces to help you achieve your goals. All that is within you and unknown forces around you will them come to your assistance.

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Solid Book Holder for every use

Postura Bookholder holds your document at the height that prevents you from bending your neck as you read, because bending your neck forward, backward or sideways for long periods of time generally results in neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, and inefficiency.


Core Training Product– Fitness Product – Nutrition Product, Hydration Product, Exercise, Hygiene, Energy for core muscle develop

By creating a firm, lean and strong core muscles, you will stabilize the spine so it acts like a solid foundation for sustaining a good body posture and outanding fitness level. The goal of our fitness programs is to work the area that supports your trunk and spine.


Core Training Services

Consultations are important because they are a low-cost way to help you make a preliminary decision on whether and how you should proceed with your fitness goal. At your consultation, we will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current fitness condition.