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By: Martec  09-12-2011
Keywords: Asphalt, Heating System, Diesel Fuel

The AR2000 Super Recycler comprises one Preheater, one Preheater/Miller, and one Postheater/Dryer/Mixer, which operate in tandem with a conventional paver and rollers. If desired, extra Preheaters may be added to increase operating speed and depth.

The AR2000 recycles all types of asphalt pavement on-site in a continuous, one-lane operation and produces asphalt that is fully compliant with end-product specifications for conventional hot-mix asphalt and Superpave.

The state-of-the-art AR2000 offers several key features and benefits:

Savings of up to 35%in cost and 50% intime compared to conventional resurfacing methods

Virtually emission-free operation under normal operating conditions

No burning of bitumen

No breakage of aggregate

Fast operating speed – the AR2000 averages two to three lane kilometres/day when recycling to depths of 50mm

Patented heating system combines high-velocity forced hot air with low-level infrared heat

Fuel efficiency – the AR2000 vacuums hot air for reheating

Fuel economy – The AR2000 consumes 40%-50% less fuel compared to HIR equipment with conventional infra-red heating systems

Moisture removal – A patented Postheating, Drying and Mixing Process ensures thorough heatingof the RAP and added material and removes moisture

Addition of new materials such as hot-mix asphalt, rejuvenator and/or aggregates to improve pavement quality
Depth - The AR2000 can provide a pavement thickness of up to 75mm

Diesel fuel – the AR2000 operates using diesel fuel, which is readily available worldwide, instead of dangerous liquid propane gas

Superior bonding is achieved by heating pavement edges and the exposed underlying layer; hot-welded joints are created during compaction

Easy mobilization – the main units of the AR2000 Super Recycler can be easily connected to tractor trucks and towed at highway speeds between job sites.

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Keywords: Asphalt, Asphalt Pavement, Diesel Fuel, Heating System

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The stirring devices under the heating tubes allow for the removal of moisture and thorough mixture of the added material with the reclaimed asphalt. The system incorporates a diesel fuel burner, combustion air turbo blower, recirculating hot-air blower and a stainless-steel heating plenum. A patented Postheating, Drying and Mixing process ensures thorough heating of the reclaimed asphalt and added mix.


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The patented heating system provides effective heat penetration to avoid fracturing of the aggregate during the milling process.The Preheater/Miller incorporates a system for the addition of various rejuvenators. Based on predetermined values, the computer-based controller can adjust the rejuvenator pump output, and the operator can also control the addition of rejuvenator manually.


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Using hydraulics, the drive mode can be easily switched between operation and travel mode.Both the front and rear axles are equipped with hydraulic steering cylinders and can be steered independently to reduce the turning radius. Each AR2000 machine can be easily hitched to a tractor truck and transported at highway speeds between job sites.The AR2000 Preheater is designed to heat and soften asphalt pavement.