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By: Marqui  09-12-2011
Keywords: Web Marketing, Professional Services

Marqui’s professional services, consulting and support teams are here to ensure your web marketing solution is successful and that you get the results you need. We believe that our services set us apart thanks to the people and processes we rely upon to support our client base of over 200.

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Keywords: Professional Services, Web Marketing

Other products and services from Marqui


Marketing Automation | Marqui

Your marketing automation software needs to help you manage your marketing funnel by capturing and nurturing leads, integrating with your customer relationship management system, measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and helping you establish concrete ROI for your marketing initiatives.


Demand Generation | Marqui

The process of generating leads has grown over the last few years into a more comprehensive practice called demand generation. Marqui’s web marketing software has many different features to help you optimize your demand generation tactics.


Marqui Web Marketing Complete | Marqui

Comprising all the major benefits of our base products—and great additional features as well—Marqui Web Marketing Complete is a comprehensive web marketing platform which can be tuned to the specialized requirements of your organization. Marqui’s Web Marketing Complete is the first solution to combine the essential web marketing tools for your business into one all-inclusive suite that makes you effective and gets results.


Landing Pages | Marqui

Landing pages are an essential tactic regardless how visitors arrived on your site.


Drip Campaigns | Marqui

It often takes multiple communication touches with a lead before they are really ready to have conversation with a sales rep. Marqui's marketing automation software increases productivity and helps create more sales-ready leads. The challenge is knowing when to drip the next communication to most effectively build interest.


Marqui Web Marketing Suite | Marqui

Marqui is available in several product packages to match your web marketing needs today, with the flexibility to grow as your requirements become more complex. Powerful web content management platform that scales from small marketing teams to large multi-site organizations with 1000s of pages and hundreds of users.


Web Content Management | Marqui

Marqui makes it simple to manage multiple language versions of pages and even adapts workflow based on the language of specific content. The WYSIWYG interface gives you control of formatting and basic layout while remaining consistent to your site's overall branding. Marqui has a multi-level access control model with standard profiles including writer, editor, publisher and administrator.