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By: Make Technologies  09-12-2011
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Legacy applications are restricting the ability for organizations to maintain their agility, and are consuming valuable resources. Budgets are being squandered on simply maintaining applications and opportunities are being missed because of fragile and antiquated systems.

Make Technologies TLM® Enterprise Suite is a unique software solution that can relieve your organization from the pain of legacy applications on legacy platforms. Whether you are an IT organization looking to re-establish your agility for the business, or an Independent Software Vendor looking to increase your competitive position, Make Technologies TLM® Enterprise Suite can empower your modernization efforts by providing fully re-architected applications that perform better, meet your requirements and provide a foundation for growth.

  • TLM® Enterprise Suite

    The Make Technologies TLM® Enterprise Suite is designed to re-architect your legacy applications and provide you with high performance, high quality modern applications in a fully transparent and collaborative environment, reducing risk and producing the highest quality outcome.

  • TLM® ISV Suite

    TLM® ISV Solution allows software vendors to meet and surpass customer business needs by moving products to modern agile platforms; avoiding the risks associated with other approaches and delivering top quality, tailored solutions to the customer.

Keywords: Customer Business, Moving Products, Software Vendors, Surpass Customer,

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We can work with your internal resources, partner with third party consultants or provide consulting practitioners to ensure the right mix of services and support for your legacy application modernization projects. While Make Technologies TLM® Enterprise Suite provides significant automation and productivity enhancements, re-architecture projects will also require dedicated resources to be successful.


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TLM® Re-architecture Edition enables customers to migrate business critical legacy systems to modern agile platforms, delivering the highest quality out- comes across the entire modernization journey. TLM Enterprise Suite enables customers to migrate business critical legacy systems to modern agile platforms, delivering the highest quality outcomes across the entire modernization journey.


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In this demo we’re going to look at how organizations use all of the models and specifications that have been created and defined inside the TLM Designer to gain a significant productivity lift during the implementation of a re-architected application.


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If your products are meeting the functional needs of your customers but are built on brittle legacy technology, you confront a competitive disadvantage in the face of increasingly fierce competition whose products may be built on more flexible modern technology.


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TLM Portfolio Assessment Edition enables customers to gain insight into their legacy applications, plan modernization activities efficiently, and plan enhancements in a centralized, collaborative, easy to use environment. The TLM® Re-Architecture Edition is Make Technologies’ full suite of re-architecture software, enabling organizations to migrate critical legacy systems to modern agile platforms, delivering the highest quality outcome.


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The TLM Repository enables companies to catalogue and understand all the assets in their legacy applications by creating a 360 degree view of application usage, including how people operate these applications, what data they use, and how your applications have been modified over the years.