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By: Magnetar Games  09-12-2011

What it is

FX Visuals is a component package for Delphi and C++ Builder containing controls which operate using DirectX. The collection includes components which mimic standard Delphi Windows controls such as buttons and checkboxes, as well as some new controls designed with the game programmer in mind.

Why FX Visuals?

Delphi is a rapid-application development (RAD) tool which uses an object model to greatly speed the creation, debugging, and deployment of applications. However, as more and more games make use of Microsoft's DirectX technologies, much of Delphi's features are unusable by game creators since normal Delphi controls do not operate under DirectX. FX Visuals are designed to bridge the gap, combining the object model of Delphi's components with the power of DirectX. By providing game creators with standardized components that utilize DirectX automatically, FX Visuals vastly reduce the time required to produce a game because much of the game's interface can be pieced together quickly and easily with FX Visuals controls.

More Robust; Less Development Time

Without a RAD environment such as Delphi or C++ Builder, a programmer who wishes to, for example, open a window and display some text must initialize the window, get handles, change the text color and background style, set flags, draw the text, and remember to release and free everything when he's done. With a RAD environment, however, adding text to a window is as simple as creating a TForm and dropping a TLabel on it, and altering the caption. FX Visuals is meant to offer the same sort of ease..except with full DirectX support. You don't have to know how to double-buffer, blit, lock and unlock surfaces, or any of the many chores that go along with DirectX. If you want text, just drop a TfxLabel and edit the caption. It's that easy!

More Than Just Controls

Many FX Visuals controls emulate the appearance and behavior of standard Delphi components, such as TButton and TLabel. This vastly reduces the learning curve required by a new user. However, they don't stop there. FX Visuals are designed to take the next step and provide impressive, yet easily-customized special effects. For example, all of the controls support translucency in any hue, allowing objects below the controls to show through similar to colored glass. Components also give the option of drawing themselves partially or fully using images, thus allowing the user full control over a component's appearance. FX Visuals support loading images from BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, and others. Many of the FX Visuals are data-aware, which means they can obtain their values from any compatible database. All are designed to be built upon, so the possibilities are endless.

Get A Quick Start

The FX Visuals package comes complete with experts to get you up and running quickly. Creating a new DirectX application, either full-screen or windowed, is as simple as clicking on an icon. You'll get instant support for DirectDraw, DirectInput, DirectSound, and so much more, all with no coding on your part.

What It Contains

Here is a list of the controls available in the FX Visuals package:

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