M5 Design Inc

By: M5 Design Group  09-12-2011

M5 Design Inc. is a rapidly growing provider of 2D and 3D facility plans. We provide all levels of spatial planning for all segments of the fitness industry. Our design team is specialized in provided the outmost quality.

2D       - Current libraries of major manufacturer’s machines. If we don’t have it, our team of specialized designers, can custom generate an icon for any need.        - Focus on planning functional spaces with allowances for proper traffic flow in ADA compliancy       -Turn-around time is typically 4 days after all information is provided, with exceptions being made for that last minute project.       - Designs for all market segments, regardless of size.3D

       - Top tier graphical representation of fitness facility and architectural interiors.

       - Interior, top-down, and perspective views available. We also provide custom shots of any view needed.                       - Custom colors for everything from walls, floors, ceilings to frame and upholstery selection.       - Realistic lighting and shadows       - Ability to incorporate any product into the rendering. If a picture can be provided, it can be shown in the rendering.


Design services can be billed either at an hourly rate or a per project fee. There are price breaks available at set hourly amounts to reward return clients. Also, monthly retainers are available for corporate or individual clients. The cost for the 3D renderings can also be billed at an hourly or per project basis. The cost for 3D renderings is dependent on the level of detail required by the project. We are flexible in our levels of detail ranging from a very basic 3D space plan, all the way up to all the ‘bells and whistles’. All price break and retainer information for the 2D plans apply to the 3D as well. Feel free to visit our contact page to send us more detailed questions!