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By: M.k. Ince And Associates  09-12-2011
Keywords: solar system, Energy Production

Our solar photovoltic system design work optimizes a solar system to maximize energy production given a set of objectives such as available space, risk tolerance, and site specific considerations.

Production Estimates and Validation

  • Production estimates based on over 20 years of National Resources Canada's Insolation, Environment Canada, and NASA data.
  • Comparison of production models with RETScreen.
  • Explicit listing of assumptions and reasonability of estimates.
  • Conservative modeling of product degradation.
  • Reasonable string-inverter design.
  • Site design including shadow impact assessment and self-shading.

Best Practices

  • The solar pv market is relatively new to Ontario. Yet places such as Germany have almost a decades worth of learning regarding feed-in tarrif driven solar installations. We look at case studies and best practices from around the world and incorporate their best practices.
  • Our comprehensive design checklist helps to ensure that various sub-system come together and perform as expected. It looks at items such as diode bypass configuration and its impact of panel orientation and the limitations of multiple-MPP tracking.

System Robustness

  • M.K. Ince and Associates place a great deal of emphasis on building robust systems. In general, robust systems are less likely to encounter a catastrophic failure. When events and failures do occur, a robust system tends to have a smaller fiscal impact compared to a basic design.
  • Our system robustness assessment is forward looking, trying to anticipate and mitigate impact of future changes, such as replacing a panel and its impact on multiple-MPP tracking.

Keywords: Energy Production, solar system

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