LOCK+LOAD Retaining Walls_____________Use Reinforced Concrete "Stone" for Durabable Walls

By: Lock+load  09-12-2011
Keywords: Retaining Walls, Walls, retaining wall

Here are examples of some typical LOCK+LOAD walls. The LOCK+LOAD Retaining Wall System is a high strength versatile earth retention system suitable for applications where, strong, attractive, and economical structures are required.

A significant advantage of the LOCK+LOAD wall system is that guardrails, barriers, or fences can be positioned directly behind the wall face maximizing useable space. Another distinct advantage is that each LOCK+LOAD module (or "Stone") acts independently to provide superior stability and eliminate differential settlement problems.

The LOCK+LOAD modular design, uses two high strength, light weight, fiber reinforced concrete components assembled into a single rigid cantilever unit. These units alone can be used to build short walls or in conjunction with soil reinforcement for tall retaining structures. The design flexibility of LOCK+LOAD and its versatility in creating handsome rugged retaining walls make LOCK+LOAD the ideal solution for any earth retention application.

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