Light-Based Technologies - Applications

By: Light Based Technologies  09-12-2011

Light-Based Technologies has developed a series of application notes to educate OEMs, power supply manufacturers and other SSL companies on the advantages of the LB4 in a variety of applications.  These notes are designed to help expedite your evaluation of the technology and product development process.  

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Light-Based Technologies - Multi-Mode Control

Color changing control, where a single fixture or lamp can display a range of warm to cool white color temperatures or even saturated colors, is an example of added functionality that SSL can bring to an otherwise mature market. As the only deep-dimming, phase cut solution that can actively control multiple channels, it is the obvious choice for residential and office markets where phase-cut dimmers are the overwhelming incumbent technology.


Light-Based Technologies - LED Controller

Light-Based Technologies’ LB4™ family of LED controllers is a group of mixed-signal devices designed specifically for current control of light-emitting diodes in the solid-state lighting industry. The LB4™ family combines LED control, communications, and other application specific functionality in an all-inclusive, cost-effective package. Deep dimming with leading and trailing edge phase cut dimmers.


Light-Based Technologies - Products

LBT Adjustable Deep Dimming LED Drivers are a growing family of specialized power supplies delivering unsurpassed functionality and performance in Solid State Lighting fixtures. LBT’s LED Drivers are the synergistic result of the powerful combination of our unique expertise in Lighting, IC design, Power Electronicsand SSL knowledge.


Light-Based Technologies - Driver Features

LBT’s technology eliminates the gaps, jumps and sections of inconsistency that are typical with controlling LED products with Triac controls, thereby providing a smooth, uniform response one would normally only expect when controlling incandescent lighting.


Light-Based Technologies - Single Channel Dimming

Feedback characteristics include temperature for heat management, color temperature for quality of light, and voltage and current for efficiency management. Light-Based’s LB4 linear current control IC delivers dimming efficiencies far superior to those achieved with typical digital control topologies. The LB4 cost-effectively provides unsurpassed flexibility in control inputs, while still maintaining a high level of dimming performance.


Light-Based Technologies - Multi-Channel Dimming

In contrast with single-channel, unaugmented phosphor-coated LEDs, the multi-channel approach delivers higher color rendering index performance and increased efficiency, while maintaining this quality throughout the dimming range. Multi-channel solutions, where primary colored LEDs augment phosphor coated LEDs to deliver high quality white light, are growing in numbers.