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By: Layer 7  09-12-2011
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By enabling business processes to be assembled from loosely-coupled application components, SOA is transforming how IT supports and adapts to business needs. However, SOA introduces a range of new governance requirements around security and performance. Layer 7 provides a comprehensive set of products to help organizations address the need for SOA governance.

SecureSpan Gateways

SOA Gateway
The SecureSpan SOA Gateway addresses a broad range of security, identity, integration, mediation, B2B and SLA concerns that may arise from deploying SOA. SecureSpan tackles all of these concerns with industry-leading, built-in functionality for monitoring, reporting, cryptography and clustering.

XML Accelerator
The XML Accelerator allows organizations to optimize network performance by offloading processor-intensive XML operations from application servers, database servers and ESBs.

XML Firewall
The XML Firewall lets organizations secure their SOA and Cloud-based systems by providing a central enforcement point for policy-driven identity, message-level security and audit needs.

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To complement the SecureSpan Gateways, Layer 7 offers a broad range of policy and service management features that simplify the lifecycle, delivery and performance tracking of application services in SOA. Layer 7’s SOA management tools are designed to work seamlessly with all Layer 7 Gateway products for SOA, API and Cloud.

Service Manager
The Enterprise Service Manager gives SOA administrators and network operators centralized visibility into the functioning of SOA-based integrations, even when services are distributed across geographies, partners and the Cloud.

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Federation is becoming increasingly central to integrations that span identity domains. In order to reach its full potential in the extended enterprise, SOA must be able to effectively bridge application identities across diverse security domains. SecureSpan Gateways provide deep identity federation capabilities.

SecureSpan can seamlessly tie in with a range of existing identity infrastructures, including LDAP, Microsoft AD, CA SiteMinder, Tivoli FIM and AM, Novell Access Manager, Oracle Access Manager, Sun OpenSSO, RSA Access Manager, Oracle Entitlements Server, Axiomatics, VMware Horizon, Ping Federate and identities stored in a database.

Security Token Service
The Security Token Service (STS) features both WS-Trust and WS-Federation support, to simplify the generation and consumption of SAML tokens.

XML VPN Client
The XML VPN Client simplifies identity and Web service integration across the Internet by negotiating identity and security parameters between connecting applications.

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Other products and services from Layer 7


Simplify XML Gateway and Web Service Management Across Data Centers and Cloud

The Layer 7 Enterprise Service Manager is designed to give SecureSpan Gateway, API Manegement and Cloud Integration administrators and operations managers centralized visibility into the health of their Layer 7 Gateway landscape along with the services and APIs they proxy. Service & Gateway Management Across Data Centers & Cloud.


Policy Based Web Service Mediation, Security, SLA and XML Message Routing

Using the native SecureSpan policy language, architects can create virtual service views specific to client identities, secure versions of specific application interfaces and they can manage versions of APIs across the development lifecycle without breaking client appplications.


Hardware Accelerated XML Parsing, Routing and Validation

To account for XML traffic, most organizations attempt to optimize back-end server performance, resulting not only in increased infrastructure costs but also increased overall network load, which can limit performance gains. XML processing is computationally expensive and, if handled by application servers, Enterprise Service Buses or other back-end infrastructure, can significantly impact response times, and overall network performance.


Advanced Identity Based Security for SOA, XML and Web Services

Providing intermediate functional capabilities between the API Proxy and SOA Gateway, the SecureSpan XML Firewall is designed to address access, federation and message security needs in SOA based integrations that leverage SOAP, REST and JSON style application interfaces.


XML Gateways for SOA Cloud and Web Services

Enterprise-Scale ManageabilityLayer 7 is the first XML Gateway vendor to offer a fully integrated, enterprise-wide Gateway and Service management solution to simplify policy lifecycle management, gateway health monitoring, service management and disaster recovery.