Simplify XML Gateway and Web Service Management Across Data Centers and Cloud

By: Layer 7  09-12-2011
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Simplify API, Service & Gateway Management Across Data Centers & Cloud

The Layer 7 Enterprise Service Manager (ESM) is designed to give SecureSpan Gateway, API Manegement and Cloud Integration administrators and operations managers centralized visibility into the health of their Layer 7 Gateway landscape along with the services and APIs they proxy. Using the Service Manager for SOA, API and Cloud, administrators can more easily govern application services, service artifacts and the associated policies from development, to test, to production even across geographically distributed datacenters and the cloud.

ESM provides configurable dashboarding and reporting for a host of operation-level and services-level KPIs, delivering at-a-glance insight into the usage and quality of  SOA, API and Cloud services. ESM also provides health visibility across physical, virtual and cloud based Layer 7 Gateways. This means that administrators and operations managers can for the first time govern the enforcement and migration of SOA, API and cloud services, such as security and SLAs across the distributed enterprise. With ESM, administrators can promote and migrate services across development, test, global production sites, disaster recovery mirrors and even multiple cloud providers without runtime policy conflicts associated with network and identity discrepancies. ESM is available as a low cost add-on option to any deployment of SecureSpan, CloudSpan and API gateways or proxies.

Example Capabilities Include:

  • Gateway performance metrics and health status
  • Global visibility across distributed SOA, API and cloud services
  • Activity reporting based on service, operation, user or custom parameter
  • Policy migration across dev, test, production and disaster recovery
  • Service versioning
  • Cluster management

Keywords: Api

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