Policy Based Web Service Mediation, Security, SLA and XML Message Routing

By: Layer 7  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, application services

ESB-like Web Service Mediation - lightweight, easy to scale message routing, caching and service mediation.

A Turnkey Governance Solution – Centrally enforce policies that ensure security, compliance, reliability, and quality of service for all application services no matter where they reside – in the enterprise or in the cloud.

Extensible Policies – The SecureSpan Custom Assertion SDK allows Java programmers to create new policy assertions to address unique requirements.

Centralized SLA Enforcement – Throttling/rate limiting controls provide the ability to support service over-subscription with per-service throttling of excess messages

Fine Grained Access Control – Featuring support for SAML authentication, authorization and attribute based policies, as well as XACML, organizations can leverage the SOA Gateway to enforce fine-grained entitlement decisions.

Security Standards Compliance – Layer 7 has long been a leader in drafting and implementing leading OASIS WS*, WS-I WS Basic Security Profile and W3C WS-Policy standards including WS-Security, WS-SecureConversation, WS-Trust, WS-Federation, WS-Policy to name some. Implementing the various standards outside code in the SecureSpan XML Firewall helps insure architects consistent implementation of the standards and protection from standards versioning issues.

API Virtualization and Management – Layer 7's SecureSpan XML Firewall can be deployed as a proxy to both POX, WSDL and REST based service interfaces. Using the native SecureSpan policy language, architects can create virtual service views specific to client identities, secure versions of specific application interfaces and they can manage versions of APIs across the development lifecycle without breaking client appplications.

Security Certification – Layer 7's SecureSpan XML is the first XML Gateway to support FIPS compliance in both hardware and software, provide support for the latest encryption cyphers including Elliptic Curve, meet DoD STIG vulnerability standards, provide versions that satisfy EAL 4+ common criteria and offer the latest in onboard or offboard hardware key store.

XACML Support – The SecureSpan XML Firewall can be implemented as both an XACML Policy Decision Point and Policy Enforcement Point for existing XACML Decision Points.

VMware Ready – The SecureSpan XML Firewall is the only XML Firewall certified by VMware for their hypervisor and cloud platforms. 

Keywords: application services, Security

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