Hardware Accelerated XML Parsing, Routing and Validation

By: Layer 7  09-12-2011
Keywords: Xml, network performance

Speed XML Processing for SOA, Web APIs & Cloud

XML processing is computationally expensive and, if handled by application servers, Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) or other back-end infrastructure, can significantly impact response times, and overall network performance. To account for XML traffic, most organizations attempt to optimize back-end server performance, resulting not only in increased infrastructure costs but also (typically) increased overall network load, which can limit performance gains.

The SecureSpan XML Accelerator allows organizations to offload extremely processor-intensive XML parsing, validation and transformation operations from application servers, database servers and Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs). By deploying the XML Accelerator at or near the edge of the network, organizations can optimize network performance.

The XML Accelerator appliance is specifically designed to accelerate XML message throughput and reduce the latency associated with processing all common XML message formats including POX (Plain Old XML), SOAP, REST, JSON and AJAX.

The XML Accelerator can be configured to validate XML documents against an acceptable predefined schema, probe XML data for specific content or values, and transform documents from one version to another. Policies can be defined to navigate XML structures, define message queries or transforms, examine messages for specific content or context, and route messages to specific endpoints/returned to requestor after processing.

Keywords: network performance, Xml

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