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By: La Tangueria Esposito  09-12-2011
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by Claude & Hazel
Hola Tangueras y Tangueros

Rain rain go away!  Come again another day! 

Luckily, we can still tango and there is lots of excitement to come.

Special Events in Vancouver in April and May
    • Vantangofest 2011 takes place May 26 - 30.  Our artists this year are: Ezequiel Farfaro & Cecilia Vicencio, Matias Facio & Claudia Rogowski, Aurora Lubiz & Luciano Bastos, Mariana Dragone, Nick Jones & Diana Cruz.   Our DJ’s are: Mike McCarrel, Jessie Chung, Jeanne Castle, Nick Jones, Meng Wang   
    Milongas & Practicas in Vancouver

    To check on your favourite milongas and practicas, go to 

    Regional Events
      Events Elsewhere
        • A message from Clay Nelson, Portland TangoFest:

        Although I've been a member of


        for a couple of years, up until now I've been trying to ignore it--frankly I just didn't get it.  However, it obviously fills a great social need and is a great way to network.  So, after much teeth gnashing and frustration, I've created a page simply called, "

        ".  The purpose is to discuss the multiple aspects of tango such as teaching, socializing, surveys, dates of my festivals etc.  (I promise I will never post things like what I had for breakfast or why I think my cat doesn't like me--well, actually I don't have a cat, but you get the idea!)   

        As always, Happy Tangos    Claude and Hazel  

Keywords: Tango