By: Knowledgetech  09-12-2011

Knowledgetech is proud to partner with Microsoft and FICO to host an exclusive Risk Event:

Content will include:

  • Implications of new corporate governance codes
  • Embedding effective enterprise risk management frameworks
  • Joint business and IT responsibilities for risk management
  • Software and tools to support risk and control of technology lifecycles and financial lending profiles

This Event will take place in the following locations and on the following dates:

November 18th 2011 – Vancouver BC.

December 1st 2011 – Toronto Ont.

On October 3-6, Knowledgetech will be attending the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 in Event in Anaheim, CA.

Join us to see how SharePoint 2010 can help solve your business problems. The Microsoft SharePoint Conference is dedicated to SharePoint 2011 and related technologies for partners and users. It provides annual training and insight into many Microsoft and Microsoft partner products and services that can help businesses excel.

If you have any questions about how SharePoint 2010 technologies can help your business please contact Knowledgetech for more information.

Join , , and 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year Finalist –  to learn how your organization can use Knowledgtech strategy, SharePoint 2010 and Dynamics CRM to increase productivity and drive cost savings. During the presentations, learn how two Credit Unions were experiencing common industry inefficiencies in their daily operation and how an award winning solution from Knowledgetech used SharePoint and K2 to help those organizations to significantly improve their current processes. See how Knowledgetech’s strategic business analysis along with Microsoft and K2 products helped two Credit Unions establish a solid platform for long terms growth, scalability, and critical business process automation and reporting.

Join us to learn how…

  • How out-of-the-box SharePoint can improve your organization.
  • How manual workflow processes in businesses can be improved through automation
  • Where off the shelf solutions fall short of business needs, and how strategy consulting and a multiple platform solution can scale across the enterprise
  • How leadings Credit Union moved from manual to automated processes helped their business.

Upcoming cities:

We will discuss…

  • How manual workflow processes in businesses can be improved through automation
  • Where off the shelf solutions fall short of business needs, and how a platform solution can scale across the enterprise
  • Case Study of a leading Credit Union and how moving from manual to automated workflows helped their business.

August 3, 2011   9:00am-10:00am (PST)

Online via Microsoft LiveMeeting

Who Should Attend

  • Technical Decision Makers
  • IT Executives
  • IT Professionals
  • SharePoint Managers
  • SharePoint Professionals
  • Project Managers

On July 10th-14th Knowledgetech will be at the Microsoft World Partners Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Visit us to see how Knowledgetech delivers Microsoft solutions covering all the key areas of business IT, including: CRM, ECM, Performance Management, Collaboration and Application Lifecycle Management.

Knowledgetech was also selected as finalist for the WPC 2011 awards, as one of the top content management partners in the world.

On June 28th, Knowledgetech will be conducting a Live Webcast showing how their Healthcare customer used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to tackle their complex patient recruitment, outreach, and retention procedures.

Watch this live webcast to see how Knowledgetech’s solution has enabled their customer to:

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes them to reach out to patients
  • Increase the number of patients that can be reached out to in one outreach campaign
  • And, conduct more campaigns because of the reduced time it takes to complete campaigns

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This exclusive session will bring together a select group of participants to hear the latest research on how to help improve timeliness, accuracy and compliance, and discuss new techniques with peers and risk and audit experts from Knowledgetech and Microsoft.Executive-style breakfast will be served, and topics to be covered include.