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By: Kison & Associates  09-12-2011

In an increasingly competitive market place, the demand for effective leaders has increased. Leaders must be able to address the expectations of their market and clients and the capabilities of their organization while defining a desired future and implementing strategies that balance service requirements with its bottom line objectives.

Leadership lies at the center of all successful and profitable interactions between individuals inside or outside of the organization. A leader by definition must have followers. The leader must know who they are leading and they must have a clear understanding of the needs and desires of those followers. By clearly identifying relationship, rapport, and trust building issues critical for the success of each organization, leaders can enhance their skills and abilities of their followers by personally modelling the behaviours required for the successful implementation of new endeavours.

Kison's practical approach develops management competence and confidence and equips leaders with the skills and knowledge required to effectively perform their role. There is no magic formula or "seven secrets to management success". Our strategy is to customize a program that centers on the four key responsibilities of any manager - Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. These four areas relate to the activities, actions, results and behaviours of those individuals or groups the manager is responsible for directing to ensure alignment with the stated qualitative and quantitative outcomes. We core down into each of these four silos to develop a program which equips managers to be more effective and efficient. Aided by a range of profiling and assessment tools, we build effective managers and effective teams.

Kison Leadership Programs have been endorsed by top leaders of both very large and small firms. Our customized approach ensures that your Program address your unique needs and is embraced by your people.

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