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By: Kirkland Heating  09-12-2011
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Like all of your appliances, regular service is important to ensure long life and good performance. Gas Fireplaces should be serviced once a year. When we service your fireplace we will provide you with a checklist of the tests we have done and the service we have performed:

  • clean glass and vacuum the dust from the bottom and top of the fireplace.
  • check and clean the pilot assembly if required
  • test the gas pressure at the gas valve.
  • inspect the main burner operation and adjust fuel/air mixture if necessary
  • clean the combustion chamber if there is an accumulation of carbon or sulfur
  • test the operation of the blower and test the blower speed control
  • clean the contacts on the faceplate switch.
  • check the outside termination.


All types of gas fireplaces require annual servicing. There are three basic types of gas fireplaces:

INSERTS: Inserts are most commonly used in existing homes that have pre-existing wood burning fireplaces. The gas unit is inserted into the existing opening and gas and venting are connected to the insert. We finish off the fireplace with a custom enclosure plate.

FREE-STANDING GAS FIREPLACE: These fireplaces look like your traditional wood burning stove that you might see in a cabin. They can be ornate with cast iron and enameled finish, or they might be made of steel with a pedestal bottom. They are commonly used in a room that needs supplemental heat, but doesn’t have an existing fireplace.

ZERO-CLEARANCE GAS FIREPLACE: This fireplace is used commonly in new construction and for renovations where the homeowner wants a traditional looking fireplace that can have a mantel. They are called “zero-clearance” because the fireplace can be framed in with wood studs without having to provide clearance to combustibles.

Keywords: Gas Fireplaces

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