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By: Kickboxing  09-12-2011
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Most people will approach martial-arts looking for some of the many things we so avidly promote such as self-confidence, mental and physical fitness etc. But occasionally there are those taken by the intricacies of martial-arts who strive for more; they plan to become a champion. Regardless of the reasons for joining, we need to set goals. Planning and implementing the best possible training system which will motivate a fighter to continue focusing on goals is crucial.
An equally important aspect of their training is who their instructor is. Determining which instructor is the best fit for a prospective champion requires some knowledge. Is the instructor experienced in tournament fighting and achievements? What is the instructor’s age? How many champions have they trained in the past? What are the profiles of their previous fighters and who has trained with the instructor? Only with knowledge can we decide which instructor would be the best fit. We have trained many world champions but finding a good instructor requires finding teaching ability, not just fighting ability. Finding an instructor with both teaching skills and champion level abilities – especially with a title – would be the best combination.
The six steps in successfully implementing a plan are as follows:

  • Clarifying reasons: Reasons are not goals. Reasons reflect your motivation for creating the plan. Wanting to become a champion qualifies as a reason.
  • Identifying needs: You need to recognize how extensive your plan must be in order for it to be effective. Knowing the degree of skill necessary to become a champion before creating your plan is an example.
  • Setting goals: Goals are what will make your plan successful, but setting the right goals is crucial. Process goals are considered much more effective than product goals. An ineffective product goal would be: “My goal is to be a champion in two years”. A much more effective process goal would be: “My goal is to have a perfect hook-kick by the end of the week”.
  • Selecting components: Decide which drills and exercises will help you reach your process goals most efficiently.
  • Write your plan: Writing a pledge is often shown to improve the success of an established program.
  • Evaluate your progress: Keeping recorded evaluations of your progress will make improvements more obvious and cause further positive reinforcement in your training.

Don’t forget to supplement your training with conditioning, conditioning and more CONDITIONING! Remember, cardio and speed will make you confident. Whatever you do, improve your speed and build the cardio to make use of it; this is what I have done with over 20 world champions who were trained by me. If you know your opponent, always study their last three fights so you can create strategies based on their weaknesses, then practice these strategies countless times in the three months leading up to the fight. For those who are within their first ten fights, remember that there is no true loser in any fight, since we are always learning for the next one. Never get disappointed over a loss because no world champion has ever become a world champion without learning from their previous losses. If you need help, arrange a meeting or send me an email, I would be grateful to help you as much as I have time for.

Remember, the ego is a disease of the mind for those who want to be successful. Always stay humble, even in victory, because even a win will contain lessons you must learn in order to prepare for the next bout. If you overlook these lessons because of vanity, you will falter. Humility creates a positive attitude and a real champion always carries this within.

Keywords: physical fitness

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