Kelley Schedewitz :: downtown Vancouver hair stylist

By: Kelley Schedewitz  09-12-2011

The Salon is committed to excellence and that extends beyond the service Kelley Schedewitz and her team provide. Careful thought and consideration went into selecting the product lines offered in The Salon. Kelley trained with Bumble and bumble and was recently selected by Kevin Murphy to work with his team at Melbourne's Spring 2011 Fashion Week. Her extensive training and experience with both of the brands, coupled with her commitment to provide her clients with access to the best products around, made KEVIN.MURPHY, Bumble & bumble and Minardi Luxury Color Care Products™ the obvious choices for Kelley.

One of the world's most respected hairstylists, Kevin Murphy has worked with a long list of celebrity clientele and many of the most recognized fashion photographers in the world. He created his brand out of his own need for weightless hair products that provided performance, strength and longevity to his looks. Inspired by the best of nature, KEVIN. MURPHY products are catered to every hair type. Made from renewable and sustainable resources, all KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are free of sulfates and parabens.

Bumble & bumble products were created out of a need for editorial-quality products. Since 1977, brilliant stylists, a legion of chemists and millions of clients have helped make Bumble & bumble one of the most exciting brands in the field. Iconic products, including Bb Surf Spray and Hair Powder, as well as products designed for thickening, enhancing curls and smoothing frizz have made Bumble & bumble one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the industry.

Beth and Carmine Minardi created their Luxury Color Care Products™ to further enhance the experience of their loyal clientele. Having worked in product development, consulting and education for some of the biggest brands in hair care, the duo parlayed their expertise to create a line of hair care products designed to address specific hair types and their unique needs, while strengthening, protecting and pampering hair. Their hair coloring, cleansing, conditioning and styling products are of the highest quality. Constantly seeking out the newest, most advanced technologies, the Minardi Luxury Color Care line continues to expand as new products are refined and introduced.