CBC FAILS OAK ISLAND from Keith Ranville

By: Keith Ranville  04-04-2010
Keywords: Keith Ranville Breaks treasure codes

News - cbc debut's oak island caucasian film only - is it really cracked up to its expectations,  birch island, native find not documented in film, why? conspiracies can only arise in what was cbc thinking? After all the birch island triangle is the oak island headline story and is almost in its 5 year anniversary for being in the international media, now. CBC is among the estrange that believes native Indians are ignorant people, and can't possibly be capable of being treasure hunters? cause there not white.

CBC is out of touch with the oak island mystery with there new documentary, by them not mentioning birch islands significance to the treasure hunt this makes them look ignorant, themselves? Here's what we do know and is widely known among oak island enthusiasts, that canadain first nations oak island research is responsible for giving the oak island enigma proper perspective. This is something cbc does not want there viewers to see internationally, that a native indian treasure hunter is actually leading the oak island research to this treasure hunt, in mahone bay n.s canada. Money pit, there is a reason why its called the money pit, because this is all some people see is money$ when it comes to oak island, its enough to blind ones ability to make logical decisions, and cbc fell short in decision making and bungled the documentary as a result, by them not properly documenting oak island entirely?

Birch Island situated east west near of oak island - mahone bay n.s canada, triangle images is characterized as being apart of the oak island mystery. Millions of people have already read about this new discovery derived from the oak island mystery. Birch island is the new oak island mystery and is proudly brought to you by first nations research. For more information or you would like to make or be apart of a treasure hunting story contact me.

- Keith Ranville

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Keywords: Keith Ranville Breaks treasure codes