Assessment of Functional Cognition (AFC

By: Jr Rehabilitation Services  09-12-2011

The Assessment of Functional Cognition (AFC) is ideal for individuals with cognitive impairments when there are questions about how well that person will perform everyday functional tasks within their home, workplace, school and/or the community.  The AFC is unique in that it combines clinic-based formal standardized testing of cognitive skills with a “real-life” functional assessment of the individual within environments familiar to that person.

The AFC looks at cognitive skills such as attention, visual processing, information processing, memory, awareness and executive function, but it goes further during the functional assessment component to evaluate awareness and the ability of the person to effectively utilize compensatory strategies to improve their function.   The functional component of the AFC provides valuable insight into how the individual manages distractions, interactions, problems, etc. that arise in the “real” world.  The AFC can answer specific questions the rehabilitation team has, such as “Can this person return to their previous job?”; “Can this person safely access their community?”; “Could this person return to school?”, etc.  The AFC report has been recognized by members of the rehabilitation team to be extremely useful and practical in rehabilitation goal planning.

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