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By: Joyent  09-12-2011

Rapidly identify and isolate cloud resource or application trouble spots so you can act–immediately–to resolve the problem.

Joyent Cloud Analytics is unique amongst cloud infrastructure software. It provides instantaneous fault identification and isolation so that problems can be identified early and resolved quickly. These problems can be isolated to very specific hardware, network, or application cloud resources. For the first time, cloud operational groups can quickly see problems as they occur, find the source of the problem, and then address them without spending the hours, or days, that normal problem resolution can take.

The primary metrics of Joyent Cloud Analytics are direct and linear measurements of performance, such as workload analyses and resource monitoring. Workload analyses are a unique set of latency-based analytics that identify, locate, and quantify top-to-bottom performance issues.Latency is the primary metric of performance for most applications so workload analyses are a unique set of latency-based analytics that identify, locate, and quantify top-to-bottom performance issues.

The secondary metrics of Joyent Cloud Analytics explain the root cause of an issue through decomposition (a.k.a., breakdown) and predicate (a.k.a., drilldown) of the primary metrics for each process, node, request, or system component of your choosing.

Joyent Cloud Analytics is an application and infrastructure performance analysis tool that provides rich visual representations, leveraging the human brain’s ability to quickly spot patterns in visual information. Using the DTrace technology that resides in Joyent’s SmartOS, Joyent Cloud Analytics collects real-time and historical data and provides any number of user specified cloud infrastructure and application views.

Until now, operators have only had limited observability of the system stack. It has been a black box, and extremely difficult to interpret what’s happening within the system. Now, Joyent Cloud Analytics provides the rich, valuable, and clear views into all layers of the cloud stack–providing the comprehensive introspection, analysis, and insight required by service providers focused on delivering higher quality of service and meeting their agreed upon service level commitments.

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Joyent Director of Product Aaron Slettehaugh reviews Cloud Analytics.

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