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By: Jostle  09-12-2011

Engage your employees!

Amplify your culture!

Jostle Digest view captures pulse of your org.

Phase out your dead intranet

Intranets have never worked. Un-engaging. Cluttered with stale content. Expensive.

Energize your team and culture with the Jostle® organizational platform:

  • Dynamic and easy to use
  • Captures teamwork vibe
  • Amplifies your culture
  • Clarifies who is doing what
  • Finds dispersed expertise & content
  • Aligns teams across org boundaries

Capture vibe & amplify culture

The Jostle® organizational platform encapsulates news and happenings from across your organization, publishing them in dynamic, user-specific views.

Jostle Headlines provides user-specific view of latest news.

Focus on people

“Enable your people and the rest will be simple”
~ Don Bell cofounder and ex COO of WestJet

Jostle Photowall puts your people in the forefront.

Rise above your IT chaos

Your IT chaos is not going away — business is dynamic and technology constantly changes. The Jostle® organizational platform allows your people to rise above the resulting IT turmoil by:

  • Bringing key information to the surface
  • Eliminating the need to standardize tools
  • Bridging organizational silos
  • Speeding integration of acquired units

across your dispersed and fragmented systems and locations.

Clarify who is doing what

Much can be accomplished by simply providing clarity on who is doing what:

  • Capture cross-org initiatives
  • Bring matrix structures into clear view
  • Clarify task forces, committees, etc.

Jostle Relationships view brings teams & roles into full clarity.

Recognize contributions

Recognize those making multiple contributions to your organization. Encourage mentorship and collaboration. Include external contributors to teams, like contractors and customers.

Jostle Contributions view recognizes multiple roles.

Find people & expertise

Jostle people search (patent pending) finds people even when you do not know how to spell their name. Auto-tagging makes hidden expertise and skills easy to discover.

Jostle search finds people and teams, revealing hidden expertise.

Surface key content

In most organizations, content and files are dispersed across a myriad of file shares and software tools that are dispersed across locations and systems. The Jostle® organizational platform makes it easy to find the key content associated with each team.

Find a person or team and you can quickly link to their key info.

Bridge communications across generations

The Jostle® organizational platform allows each person to set the best way to communicate with them now, and to share personal contact information in a controlled way. It also effectively bridges communication silos across your organization.

Jostle effectively bridges micro-blogging silos.

Easy to use & maintain

The Jostle® organizational platform:

  • Is simple, secure and intuitive
  • Can be implemented in days
  • Builds on your existing culture
  • Does not rely on mass ‘social’ collaboration
  • Does not change your processes
  • Works alongside existing tools
  • Does not require content to be moved
  • Integrates with HRIS and other tools
  • Works from most web-enabled devices
  • Allows intranets to be phased out
  • Works with your existing network security

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