Online Counsellor Helps Patients Overcome Addictive Behaviors

By: Joanne Schwartz Counselling  06-08-2014
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Top online therapist, Joanne Schwartz has helped patients tackle their addictions and make a change to their current situation.

Addictions, such as alcohol, drugs, and gambling, can cause stress, push family and friends away, and lead to greater complications in life. Often time’s people struggling from addiction find it hard to get the help they need to overcome their problems. Now, Schwartz is able to help.

Joanne Schwartz uses an online counselling approach by meeting with clients through video chat programs such as Skype. Through her online counselling program, she is able to provide a therapeutic ear to listen to her clients’ situations and help them work through their problems.

If clients are suffering from a serious addiction, they are able to schedule an online meeting with Joanne Schwartz. Through the use of video counselling, they are able to participate in a therapy session from the comfort of their own home or office. During the meeting Schwartz will talk through their problems and give them the Online therapist they need to make a life change.

For people who suffer from addictions, they may find it difficult to meet with a therapist face to face. Another benefit of an online therapist is that it helps break the ice a little easier. Schwartz also finds that clients are also more likely to open up when they are in a comfortable environment. If a client chooses not to do a video chat, they can simply talk over the phone.

Overcoming an addiction is not an easy task, and Joanne Schwartz wants to make the recovery process as simple and as comfortable for her clients as possible, and is the best way to do this.

If you are planning to take the first step towards fighting an addiction, contact online therapist Joanne Schwartz by visiting her website.

About Joanne Schwartz, MSW, RSW

Joanne Schwartz is an online therapist in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work, and a degree in conflict resolution. She is also a certified core addictions practice facilitator. Schwartz works with clients who are suffering from addictions, depression, life transitions, family issues and more. By using video counseling, Schwartz is able to work with patients from their own home or office.

Keywords: Skype Counselling

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