Online Counsellor Helps Clients Manage Career Changes and Life Transitions

By: Joanne Schwartz Counselling  01-08-2014
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Going through a life transition or major career change can be nerve-wracking and difficult. Joanne Schwartz, an online counsellor has been helping clients get through this life transitions with ease. Through , Joanne Schwartz is able to work with clients in the comfort of their own home or workplace. She works closely with them via Skype or other Internet chat programs. During these sessions, Joanne is able to help clients manage the stress that their life change is causing.

Whether you are planning to change career paths, switch jobs or return to school, making a career change is a major decision and is not easy. It can often times create stress and anxiety. Stress can also lead to other problems such as depression and addiction. Before your anxiety reaches that point, Joanne Schwartz can help work through the problem and come up with the best solution to move forward in a positive way.

Another major challenge that clients face is balancing their day-to-day life while facing life transitions. When a new life change occurs, it can throw your schedule off and force you to reevaluate your priorities. This can also create a great deal of stress. Often times seeking the advice and help of a can be difficult. You want to meet with somebody who is easy to talk to and trustworthy. Finding the right therapist can be difficult, but many clients find that online counselling is much easier to break the ice. By meeting through Skype, clients find it easier to talk to Joanne Schwartz because they are in a comfortable setting.

Clients also find it more convenient because they do not have to make the time to travel to a therapist’s office. They can take the short time out of their day to meet with Joanne. If clients are not yet comfortable with video chat, they can also meet with the counsellor over the phone. Change is never easy, no matter how much it happens in your life, sometimes you need a therapist to help you overcome those difficult times. If you are experiencing a major life change, anxiety, stress or depression, you should seek the help of online therapist, Joanne Schwartz.

About Joanne Schwartz, MSW, RSW

Joanne Schwartz is an online counsellor in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has over ten years of experience working with clients with numerous challenges. She has run support groups and worked with clients in many different stages of their life. Joanne has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia and a degree in Conflict Resolution from the University of Winnipeg.

Keywords: couples counsellor

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