Couples Turn to Top Online Therapist to Strengthen Relationships

By: Joanne Schwartz Counselling  06-08-2014
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Couples dealing with marital troubles or difficult times with their families have sought out counseling from one of the top online therapists in British Columbia, Joanne Schwartz.

Many couples go through difficult times in their relationship. They may find themselves arguing over money, children or a new life change. As a couples counselor Joanne Schwartz is able to help couples work through their problems and strengthen their relationships.

Schwartz’s counseling consists of helping a couple talk through their issues. By sharing their problems with her, Schwartz finds that couples are able to open up more. She is then able to help them improve their communication with each other and resolve the issue.

Couples who are not facing difficult times may also seek the help of a couples counsellor. Schwartz is able to work with happy couples in order to improve their relationship. All relationships require hard work and through the help of a therapist, couples will find that when they do reach a difficult point in their relationship, they are able to work through it quickly before they grow into a bigger problem.

Many couples do not have flexible schedules. Between work and taking care of their family, they might find it difficult to schedule time to meet with a therapist. By using online counselling, Schwartz is able to work with couples at their most convenient time. Couples are able to video chat from the comfort of their own home, or if they have a few minutes at the office, they can both phone in and attend the therapy session from two separate places.

Couples have found that the convenience of is not only more convenient, but an easier way to sit down with a therapist. Often times fear and shame prevent people and couples from visiting a therapist. By using a video chat, clients find it more comforting and an easier way to ease into their therapy session.

Joanne Schwartz is available for many types of online counselling, including addictions, depression, career counselling, trauma and much more. If you are seeking the help of an online therapist, visit Joanne Schwartz’s website to schedule an appointment.

About Joanne Schwartz, MSW, RSW

Joanne Schwartz is an online therapist with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, as well as a degree in Conflict Resolution. She works with clients who are facing a major life change or are struggling to find a resolution to a difficult situation. Through her she helps clients achieve the happiness and help they are looking for.

Keywords: Online Counselling

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